Case Study

Herefordshire Hair & Aesthetics


Social Media Campaign
4 Week Duration


Herefordshire Hair & Aesthetics


Herefordshire Hair & Aesthetics is a local business based in Hereford that provides a ‘hair at home’ service in and around Herefordshire – Wedding hair is an exception and can be done anywhere…

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Project Overview

Herefordshire Hair & Aesthetics aimed to elevate brand awareness and client engagement through a targeted social media campaign. The primary goals were to showcase their unique service offerings, promote their expert staff, and highlight customer satisfaction to attract a broader clientele base in the Herefordshire area.

The Results

The social media campaign for Herefordshire Hair & Aesthetics significantly amplified online presence, engaging current clients while attracting new ones. The fusion of compelling content, strategic engagement, and influencer partnerships proved to be a triumphant formula, setting a solid foundation for future digital marketing endeavors. This case study demonstrates the profound impact of a well-executed social media strategy in enhancing brand visibility and driving business growth.

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